Mini Sweets & Handheld Treats: Seven Delicious Dessert Ideas

Dessert might be everyone’s favorite course but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get boring. Cake, pie, cupcakes, cookies or ice cream, can be a little blah when served over and over again.

I am always looking for fun ways to change it up. My kids would never say no to any sweet I set in front of them but when we are having their cousins or friends over it’s always fun to put a little twist on some of their favorites.

Even something as simple as shrinking down their favorite sweet to something bite sized brings a little extra wow to the course everyone is waiting for.

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You have to keep reading to see what recipes you can steal to put a little extra bang in the finale of your next dinner. These recipes are also fantastic for packing up and taking with you to your next party or camping adventure!

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