Mom Hears Retching Noise In Back Seat, Then Realizes Daughter Is Choking On Fidget Spinner

As you may imagine, her post got a lot of attention. It was shared more than 500,000 times, and over 61,000 people reacted. Kelly took her daughter, Britton, to a nearby urgent care center but, she was immediately taken to Texas Children’s Hospital.

Image Credit: Kelly Rose Joniec / Facebook

The bushing from the spinner was lodged in Britton’s esophagus. Britton had to undergo endoscopic surgery to remove it.

Image Credit: Kelly Rose Joniec / Facebook

Kelly’s warning is that the bushing pop out easily and it can be a danger to children under eight years.

Image Credit: Kelly Rose Joniec / Facebook

Not all of the spinners that are available have age-appropriate warnings on the package. It is up to us as parents to be aware of this and let other people know!

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Thank you, Kelly, for sharing this with the world. We are glad to know that Britton is okay!

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