Mom Tries To Wipe Dirt Off Toddler’s Knees, But It Won’t Budge. Then She Takes A Closer Look. That’s When She Gets A Sick Feeling In The Pit Of Her Stomach

An Ohio mom is warning other parents about the dangerous pest that nearly left her daughter with an incurable disease

According to 10tv, Beka Setzer’s 3-year-old daughter Emmalee was playing in the family’s backyard when her mom noticed that there were little specks of dirt all over her knees.

She tried to wipe off the dirt, but the specks wouldn’t come off.

“I just quickly assumed it was grass seed,” Setzer told CBS News. “It wasn’t until I tried brushing them off with my hand that I noticed they weren’t coming off, and upon much closer inspection I noticed they were actually tiny bugs that were attached to her skin.”

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For the next several hours, Setzer picked tiny seed ticks—yes, ticks!—off of her daughter’s legs.

According to reports, seed ticks are the larval form of ticks, and they can often be found in groups of thousands.

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