Move Over Mug Cakes: This Family Sized Lemon Cake Is Ready Under Four Minutes & Tastes Phenomenal

If You Need A Really Quick & Easy Yet Incredible Cake For A Party, This Lemon Cake Has Got You Covered!

Summer time is such a busy time with everyone getting invited to tons of parties and family get together’s. If you have a last minute invite or just don’t have the time to make something elaborate, but still want to bring something everyone will love; make this lemon cake.

It is super easy to whip up because it is made right in the microwave and takes just a few minutes to make!  If you are shaking your head because you just can’t believe that a whole cake can be made in the microwave and still taste good, we were shocked; but it can be done and it’s moist and flavorful.

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The best part about this light and fluffy lemon cake is the filling that is the perfect balance of sweet yet still has that zesty lemon flavor. If you want to bake the best lemon cake you could ever make, with your microwave, under five minutes, then you need to make this decadent confectionery.

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