My Favorite Smooth And Easy Brownies Recipe

This is the best brownie recipe ever. I’ve made these severa times. My teenagers and their friends say they are the “bomb.” I get requests often. Of course, they are not fat or sugar free… But listen… if your’e going to eat a brownie…then eat a GREAT Brownie!

YUM – love this recipe! Have made it several times exactly as written…wouldn’t change a thing!  Delectably rich and chewy brownie with a perfect, crusty surface. If you like a sweet, chewy, dense brownie, these are the ones for you! I followed the recipe exactly and baked the brownies for 35 minutes. In my oven, that was perfect. I used a metal nonstick pan and had no trouble with overbaking or sticking. If the edges of your brownies are hard as a rock, the brownies were probably overbaked. Glass pans can do this, so you might try reducing the oven temp to 325 degrees if baking in glass. To prevent sticking, you can also line the pan with parchment paper so you can lift the brownies out before cutting. Thanks for a great recipe, Brooke! Bombshell brownies indeed! [Edited: I just made a batch in a 15″x10″x1″ parchment-lined pan. When cool, I cut the brownies with a 2″ heart-shaped cookie cutter and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Beautiful for a tea-time cookie tray!

i love this recipe! it is so rich! i tried melting the butter in a tubaware container… but it melted a hole in the bottom, oops! i just chizzle awway at this recipe and end up eating like 3/4 of this! you need to try this recipe! 😀


150 g of sugar
150 g of flour
100 g of butter
50 g of hazelnut or walnut oil
1 C. coffee vanilla extract
2 eggs
200 g dark chocolate to bake
1 pinch of bicarbonate and 1 pinch of salt
100 g of dried fruits (walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans …)

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1). The first step, is to cut the chocolate into small pieces, and put the big part of it in a pot with butter then slide it into the oven for 1-2mins to melt, then take it out and mix them together.
You can simply use the 125 milliliters of hazelnut oil or nuts in the recipe, instead of the butter. I like to do that. The mix of both, is more fun.
2). Now, cut the dry fruits into pieces as well and reserve for the fifth step as well as the decoration.
3). In a large bowl, crack the 2 eggs and add vanilla extracts, and sugar. You can even use the seeds of a vanilla pod if you have, it is even better than sugar. And whisk until the sugar has dissolved, with smooth and clear texture, you can use an electric mixer if you want.
4). Now, pour the eggs and sugar mixture, onto the chocolate and butter mixture and quietly mix them together until you get a beautiful texture.

5). Add 1 pinch of bicarbonate, 1 pinch of salt, and 150g of flour, and mix the whole with the reserved dry fruits until well mixed.

6). Pour the batter into the pan, add some chocolate and dry fruits pieces on the top of it, and bake it in a preheated oven at 180C for 25mins.


If you prefer to use only butter, use 150 g butter in total .Steps in the recipe.