I will always have fond memories of summer growing up in the south. The days were long and the weather was warm. I would spend all day playing outdoors running around and getting sweaty as can be but every Thursday myself and everyone else in the neighborhood would stop dead in our tracks when we heard the all too familiar jingle playing just down the road.

If caught unexpected we would hightail it as fast as we could to our respective houses in search for whatever coins or dollar bills we could find because that song could only mean one thing…the ice cream man was on his way.

There was nothing better to me on a hot summer day than an ice cold creamsicle. These were the best treats any kid could ever want and thankfully at that time they only cost about 50 cents which I could almost always find.

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Now that I am older I do not have them as regularly as I used to. In our area its rare to see an ice cream man anymore which is why I was ecstatic to stumble across this gem of a recipe.  Not only did it turn out perfect the flavor took me back 25+ years to a much simpler time.

It was a slice of my childhood served up on a plate and I couldn’t have been happier so keep reading to find out what you will need and the full set of instructions, on the next page.