Old-Fashioned Crazy Wacky Cake

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When I want chocolate cake, nine times out of ten, this is the cake I make. Whether eaten plain, or my favorite way, which is sandwiched with dulce de leche and topped with chocolate ganache, it’s brilliant!

One little thing though: the directions are fine if you want to serve your cake in the pan, but if you want to unmould it for prettier presentation, your pan will need to be greased and floured, or brushed with bakers’ secret (which is no secret: combine equal parts oil, shortening, and flour). This means you should mix the cake in a separate bowl, but hey, it’s still really easy and cleanup is minimal.

Wonderfully moist & flavorful – you’d never know this was egg-free! I usually halve the recipe & bake in an 8″ pan for about 30-35 minutes (test for doneness). Great when you want cake but not a huge panful. Also makes great cupcakes (which freeze easily!) I love how easy it is to change the flavors! Our favorite is orange – just omit the cocoa & vinegar & use orange juice in place of the water (the same amount as called for in the recipe).

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My mother made this cake for the last 40 years that I am aware of and it is always the best. There is one difference in her recipe though, instead of two cups of water we use 2 cups of cool coffee, makes a BIG difference, try it.


2 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/4 cups sugar
1 1/4 cups water
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