Old-Fashioned Sloppy Joe Recipe – Eat A Bit Of Childhood Nostalgia For Dinner Tonight

The first time I heard about this dish name was when I watched Robin William’s movie “Jack” for the first time.
His mother was coaxing him to come out of his hiding box by offering him a bowl of sloppy joes. I thought back then that sloppy Joes were some kind of dessert; something that made your jaws slap (Yes, I thought it was spelled as “slappy jaws”). I didn’t know it was made of ground beef. What’s more embarrassing was, I didn’t know it was one of my favorites as a kid. I didn’t even know I’ve been eating a version of it all my life until I tasted it in a friend’s house and asked what it was because it reminded me of something from my childhood.

It was called differently at home, and the recipe was tweaked. Instead of ketchup, my mom used tomato sauce (probably because she knew my brother and I weren’t too much fond of ketchup, which was weird because ketchup is made from tomatoes).

And she also put chopped potatoes on it. But the taste and the principle of making the dish were the same. This recipe that I found over at the Pioneer Woman somehow happens to reconcile the taste of my Mom’s cooking and that of my friend’s! This one is so delicious I barely think about the ketchup on it.

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These sloppy joes are easy to make and are very tasty. The good thing about this recipe too, is that you can adjust the seasonings based on your preferences. Even those that do not like the dish in the first place might actually learn to love it! For those who are already in love with sloppy joes; this recipe will just make you love them even more. Those that are not fond of the sweet, sour-y taste of the meat—it’s not yet too late!
I have a feeling that after tasting this recipe, you will change your minds.

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