Velvet Cakes Usually Need Baking Soda, Buttermilk & Vinegar. This Cake Contains None Of The Above & It Still Comes Out Amazing. Find Out How We Make It!

Who Says The Lady In Red Gets All The Fun …

Now I’ve had red velvet arrythang before. Haven’t we all. Red velvet cookies, cakes, drinks, nail polish, etc. It’s like the pumpkin spice kick but it lasts all year long. But have you tried pink velvet? Neither had we, until we tried this pink velvet cake.

At first, you might expect a cake to be made with cocoa or baking soda, butter and vinegar. Well this cake doesn’t have any of those things. But when you take a bite out of this cake, all you can think is how velvety the texture of this baked creation is. So just run with that idea and you won’t fight the fact that this cake is called a velvet cake. At least that’s how Amanda from I am Baker feels, and we are happy to let her run with the idea.

For The Full List Of Delicious Ingredients & The Easy To Follow Step By Step Directions You Need Please Head On Over To Page (2)…

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