Our Favorite Dessert For The Winter… Kick It Off With This Delectable Butter Cake!

Don’t Be Fooled By The Name- This Rich & Hearty Dessert Is Far, Far, Far Different Than Pound Cake & A Hell Of A Lot Better.

Butter Cakes are kind of the best cake you can ever have. They are everything you’d want in a cake. They are indulgent, decadent, and even in some cases, surreal. I’m serious. The English were not messing around with their love of butter — and we couldn’t be happier. It is said that Butter Cake originated from the English Pound Cake and is considered one of the quintessential cakes in American baking.


Basically, if you haven’t tried a Butter Cake yet, you haven’t lived.

With the omission of baking soda and baking powder, you get a rich dense cake with a gooey center encased in a sweet crust. In some moments you might feel like you are eating a stick of butter, but it tastes so good you just don’t care. You’ll think about the gym later.

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