Pastry Horns with Crema Pasticcera (The amazing Italian Pastry Cream)

I want to start the new year with something special. Something Italian. Something that I simply looove. Something that is … what’s the right word?!?… DESSERT of course!!
And I don’t mean any random dessert but a crispy and buttery puff pastry shell exploding with rich and sinfully creamy custard. Here is all I love (and need) in a pastry: lick-your-finger delicious (seriously!), easy to make (I used frozen puff pastry to make things easier), and oh-so pretty.
Take a look!

I had my first cannoncino many many years ago and loved it the moment I took a bite of this puff pastry tube filled with a velvety pastry cream. I had a couple every chance I got, all the while thinking that it wasn’t quite perfect. It could be better with a crunchier pastry and a cream that was a little less sweet. Then I came across the metal tubes used to make the cannoncini and decided to have a go myself. I made about eighty cannoncini for my nephew’s birthday with only the six tubes I had which took me hours but it was all worth it as they were loved by everybody. Then my father in law made me some cannoncini tubes by cutting stainless steel plumbing pipes to the exact size I wanted, thanks to him I have so many now and they’ll last me a life time.

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Crema Pasticcera
Caster sugar…

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