Perfect Boiled Eggs

I love the visual you have here! I always seem to second guess myself and boil eggs too long, so it’s great to see how just an extra minute or two can change things. Will have to experiment with this for my lunch next week!

I’ve never been a big egg fan, but my husband loves them. I’ve always struggled with hard-boiled eggs for him so this guide is great! I’m guessing a minute or two adjustment for higher altitudes.

always hated boiled eggs, the yolks were so dry! I made some today following your advice and just had the best boiled egg ever! I pulled two eggs at four mins and left the rest for six mins. I’m a little sad I left the rest go for that two extra mins but I’m sure they’ll still be great lol!

We love hard boiled eggs here. I have to admit that I have never tried to do anything other than a firm yellow yolk but I might have to try your chart and test it out!

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I did try your way of cooking eggs loved it!!!! My grandma showed me when i was younger it was to bring to a fast boil then take off let set 10 min coverd, then place in cold water the water we drawed up from a well next to the farm house it was always very cold water we didnt have indoor plumbing and cooked on a wood fired cook stove. We would take them with us as we did our chores on the farm. Now that im a service plumbing Tech i still cook them and take with me for a snack or lunch now im out the door faster and have them anyway i please!

This was really helpful cause sometimes I either don’t leave them enough time or sometimes I leave them for too long LOVE THIS!


* 6 large eggs or you may increase
* 2 tsp white vinegar

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