Perk Up Your Dinner Table With These Perfect Buttermilk Biscuits

I love buttermilk biscuits, how about you? The one thing I don’t love about southern buttermilk biscuits is all of the fat and calories. I mean, certain ingredients make certain foods what they are, but sometimes I want to save my waistline, too. Did you know that by swapping out one simple ingredient for another can make the world of difference in this southern buttermilk biscuit recipe? All you have to do is nix the buttermilk and use almond milk instead and you’ll save yourself half of the fat and calories. Incredible, isn’t it? And guess what? These biscuits still come out tasting like they came from Paula Deen’s kitchen.
Believe it or not, after living 11 years in tennesee, this was my first time making buttermilk biscuits. i cannot praise these enough! the dough is a cinch to make – it came together super quickly + easily. + the flavor? absolutely delicious. they’re light, flaky, buttery + have the perfect texture – serious biscuity awesomeness. they made for a delicious breakfast that morning. + snack that afternoon. + accompaniment to chili that evening while we watched football. gotta love versatile food!

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Recipe and photo courtesy of Fearless Homemaker.

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