Peter, Paul, And Mary Cake – It’s “Mounds” Of Yum!

You Are About To Be Overjoyed By a Cake Recipe

It was one of those childhood moments when everything that I heard, I always believed.

I overheard my Mom telling my Dad once that Grandma was really in love with Peter Paul. As far as I knew, Peter Paul wasn’t the name of my grandfather. For quite a while there, I thought that Grandma’s first love was really named Peter Paul. I didn’t know back then that Peter Paul was actually the name of a very delicious cake that I’ve been eating since I was little. Any cake that has chocolates on it was chocolate cake to me, and this happened to be one of those.
I know that Peter Paul is not just a who, he is also a what. And a very famous “what” at that. I tried this once and it tasted similar to what Grandma used to make. You have to try this and see for yourself. This Peter Paul cake is something that you will get addicted to after tasting the mounds of goodness that’s on it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Oh yes. When I was a kid, I thought Peter Paul was a person and he was turned into a cake. Anyway, this cake will prove to you that it’s not made of any Peter Pauls but of the usual dessert, ingredients that when combined together always turn out sinfully rich and delicious. Anything with chocolate on it is my form of comfort. There’s just something in chocolates that will always light me up and comfort me. Both my grandma and my mom used to make these cakes for us.
They have different versions—grandma’s was traditional and used only the traditional ingredients. Mom’s was a bit bolder. She used to add other ingredients depending on her mood.

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