The Unconventional Pie Recipe That Will Become a New Favorite

In an ideal world, we’d be able to make every treat and dessert from scratch with all the best ingredients available. But friends, let’s be real— we do not live in an ideal world, and pretty much nobody has time to make an apple pie from scratch with apples they grew themselves. I mean. Come on.

But does that mean we don’t deserve to have treats at all? Of course not! We just have to get a little creative and borrow some ideas from other areas we’ve hacked and tricked our way through— like, say, making mini versions of our favorite desserts for built-in portion control?

That’s what brings us to these “Cheater’s” Mini Apple Pies, a treat that’s so simple and easy we’ll all be tempted to throw out the original recipe. (We won’t, of course; we’ll just feel less guilty for not using it more often!) And who could be more perfect to show us how it’s done than the One Pot Chef?

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After all, as the One Pot Chef himself says at the top of his video tutorial below, “Sometimes, it’s perfectly acceptable to cut a few corners and cheat a bit in the kitchen.” We agree, sir!

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