A moist, boozy upside-down rum cake, infused with everything coconut, and crowned with a pineapple halo and toasted coconut caramel sauce.


So, this Pina Colada Rum Cake. It’s like a fluffy coconut. With rum. And pineapple on top. And then more coconut. And caramel.

Do you know what that means?!

Yep. Double workout tomorrow at the gym for me.


Rum cake has a special place in the hearts and home of Mr. Crumby and me.

It all started back on our first vacation together, a cruise to the Bahamas back in 2007. We’d been together a year, so we grabbed some friends and hopped a Royal Caribbean ship for a weekend getaway. I had never been out of the country, much less somewhere as “exotic” as the Bahamas, so I was pretty pumped to explore.

In Nassau, we found a little shop called the Tortuga Rum Company, where we proceeded to spend obscene amounts of money on bottles of rum, rum balls, and every flavor rum cake they carried.

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Obscene amounts.

Of course, we didn’t see any of it again until we got off the ship. Cue my sad-face.

But when we got home and tore into my first rum cake, I fell in love. I just couldn’t get over the yummy cake, marinated in that classic rum bite. Whenever I came upon a Tortuga cake after that trip, I made sure to grab a few.

Of course, I’ve made my own over the years, but you never forget your first.

Fast forward to 2012.

Mr. Crumby and I were in the midst of wedding planning. Of course, the perfect 4-tier cake was a huge deal for me, and when we finally settled on a pretty well-known and loved bakery, our hardest decision was cake flavors.

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