Please The Whole Family With This Seafood Casserole Tonight

My parents never bought us seafoods when we were growing up. I don’t think they liked them. Plus, they couldn’t really afford them. Not that it’s super expensive at the grocery store, but it’s not as cheap as buying a pound of ground beef, which my mom could do magic with. So, I never really had the stuff until I was old enough to have my own money and make my own food. I couldn’t believe what I had been missing that whole time. The first foods I got were at a fast food restaurant and even those were good.
Imagine what happened when a date took me to a real seafood place. Holy smokes! I never wanted to go out to eat anywhere else after that. That food was amazing. Now that I have kids of my own, going out for a $50 plate of dinner isn’t always an options, so I had to find a solution.
Group Recipes offered just that with this crabmeat and shrimp casserole. It is really affordable to make, and it’s covered in cheese so even the picky little ones like it. Yay!

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When my brother came over for dinner recently, I surprised him and made this. He shares my love of seafood, which he also didn’t discover until he was much older. He ate about four servings of this in one setting. I knew that we were having extra people so I made up two pans of this. It’s a good thing, because they were gone! If you are lucky enough to have leftovers after making this, rest assured that they are just as good if not better the second day. Check out what they are saying about this recipe over at Group Recipes:
“It’s also easy to make and can be put together in advance, then baked at the last minute. Enjoy!”

Anything that saves me a little bit of time in the afternoon, sign me up!

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