Porcupine Meatballs Recipe

solidly good porcupine recipe! I doubled it and followed the directions exactly and it came out perfect.

Luckily, porcupine meatballs do not contain any actual porcupines. That would be spiky. What they do contain is a generous helping of flavor and fun. They’re a tasty and hearty meatball where rice acts as the binder. As the meatballs simmer away in tomato sauce, the rice puffs up as it cooks, creating little “quills” that stick out of the meatballs. The rice keeps the meatball moist and tender, but also adds a pretty adorable twist to this meal.

have made for years, always a favorite when kids were home! Use the oven method

These meatballs may not be anything new, but that might be why we love them so much. They’re a nostalgic dish that we remember from our childhood and we still get a kick out of removing the lid and seeing those little rice spikes poking every which way. It also doesn’t hurt that they taste amazing. (Around here they get gobbled down instantly. Mostly by yours truly.) Really, it’s a dish for kids of all ages.

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I absolutly LOVE this. THe celery salt is a tad overwhelming, however when you mix everything together, cook the meatballs, and then toss it in the crock pot..mmmm delious. thanks


1 lb ground beef
2 cans (15 oz each) tomato sauce
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