Another popular cookie bar in Newfoundland, especially at the Holidays, are these tempting Queen Anne Squares.

I’ve often received requests for this recipe from readers of the website but I had never actually made Queen Anne Squares. They are a local favorite in these parts and you can find them in many local bakeries.

I put out the call for a recipe on our Facebook page and got several responses with slight variations on what was the same basic recipe. I did modify it to make the moist cake base a little thicker to better support the delicious coconut filling and chocolate frosting top.

This may have been my first time making these but certainly won’t be my last. Spouse says they remind her of a cookie version of one of her favorite candy bars, a coconut “Bounty” bar. In the states that would be the equivalent of a “Mounds” Bar or an “Almond Joy” without the almonds.

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Hmmm… now I’m thinking a couple of toasted almonds on top might be good. Maybe a new version could be in the works! Stay tuned!

Queen Anne Squares have been one of the most popular cookie bars ever on Rock Recipes. These popular Newfoundland treats are a scrumptious combination of coconut and chocolate.

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