Reduce Bunion Size with these 10 Natural Remedies!

Bunions are present in thousands of people around the globe. They represent odd-looking, bony bumps that occur at the big toe’s foundation or the place where the big toe is attached to the foot.

Bunions usually occur when the pressure caused by the weight of the body falls unequally all the time on the tendons and joints located in the foot leading to a deformation which makes the big toe’s joint larger and stick out from the foot.

Any individual can witness the emergence of bunions, but the fact is that in most cases we are talking about women who are dealing with this problem.

Many experts are convinced that wearing high heels, narrow and/or tight shoes lead to the emergence of the well-known bony bumps.
Of course, this is not the only thing that contributes to their formation.

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For instance, an inherited type of foot, certain foot injuries, and specific foot deformities that occurred during birth can lead to their formation too. In addition, some forms of arthritis can increase the chances of developing bunions.

Due to the fact that they appear at the joint, bunions often cause sharp pain when people are walking. On top of that, they also limit the range of movement of the big toe.

Some other symptoms are skin irritation around them, joint pain and redness, calluses and/or corns, blisters on and around bunions and small or big shift of the big toe in the direction of other toes. As a result of that suffers have trouble finding the right footwear for them.

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