Rub An Onion On Hand And See The Magic That Happens

Sometimes, the one who gives you tears can turn out to be the best person in your life. No-no, don’t guess it wrong, I’m not talking about your boyfriend or girlfriend, this time, the special one who is making you cry is none other than Mr. Onion. Now, don’t laugh, friends, I’m damn serious.

The trouble that an onion gives while chopping and slicing are all negated by its magical power of simply shedding few health problems. So let’s not mind the tears and forget all the fears.

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Have a look at what else this basic kitchen ingredient can do for you. Don’t bounce until the end.

#1 Reduces the problem related to skin pigmentation.

#1 Reduces the problem related to skin pigmentation.

Mix turmeric with onion juice and apply it on your dark spots and pigmented skin.

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