Rustic Caramelized Onion Minestrone Recipe

This is a favorite in our household–we’ve tried lots of other minestrone recipes before, but none as delicious as this!

In our house, a big pot of soup is a staple when it comes feeding our family, and this veggie-rich minestrone is one of our favorites. It warms us from the inside out! With all the crazy schedules in our house, keeping a pot of soup on the burner is a great way for everyone to grab a bowl and eat as they move between activities.

I tried this and it is marvelous! I am making it again today and instead of bacon I am using ham and turkey carcasses I saved in the freezer. I boil them (for at least 2hours slowly) and they make a rich broth from which to make this soup. Thanks Ms Satler for your recipe ideas!

Don’t let the fact that a veggie based soup fool you, as it might suggest something thin and not super filling. But this is a soup with some substance! Potatoes provide a heartier option to the traditional pasta, and well-caramelized onions are the secret to this soup’s flavorful broth. Try chopping all the vegetables, except the potatoes, on the weekend (when you have a little extra time) and then finishing the soup for a hot and hearty supper on a weekday. This recipe makes enough for a crowd, but you can always freeze any leftovers for a delicious meal at a later time.

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I made the soup exactly as written. The flavor s absolutely wonderful and it’s chock full of goodies! However, it does make quite a large quantity. I went through two crock pots, finally putting everything in my largest stock pot, before I found something that would contain all of the ingredients. Unless you’ve got a stock pot, as opposed to a standard dutch oven, the quantity as written might create a headache. Tasty, but a headache.


2 tablespoons olive oil
1 large onion, halved and sliced
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