Save Me, Sour Cream Lemon Pie!

When I first heard about this recipe, I thought that it will not be the type of dessert that my family will love.
It’s lemon and it’s sour cream on one dish. It feels as if when they combine, it will be an acquired taste. I mean technically, they’re both sour. Lemon with its citrusy taste and sour cream with its creamy but tangy taste. But of course, when I finally tried it, it proved me wrong and instantly became one of the family’s favorites. Our family loves lemons. The zesty taste of lemon is different than that of other citrus fruits.
Lemon is more refreshing and that’s what we love about it. When I first made this lemon sour cream pie for my family (right after I test-tasted it of course), I knew it was going to be a hit. And I was right! My husband had about a couple of slices while my sons finished the ones on their plates.
And we all finished the full pie the next day. We all sat in front of the television and devoured the leftover pie that we kept in the fridge. Yes, it still tasted as good the next day! So if you want a copy of this amazing lemon sour cream pie for your family, don’t hesitate to click on the next page. You will find the full list of ingredients and instructions in there. Enjoy!

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This lemon sour cream pie is perfect to serve as an after-dinner dessert. Most of the time when we have company over, we usually serve the richest appetizers and main course. A dessert that has a subtle richness and with a hint of freshness will help wash away the aftertaste of such a rich meal. Serve this over with a cup of coffee or tea and watch as everyone eats this with blissful looks on their faces. Trust me, people will be asking for seconds!
Nothing’s more perfect than this delicious and decadent lemon sour cream pie! Thank you for this recipe, Recipe Girl. My family couldn’t get enough of this and it makes them really happy!

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