Savor The Simple Joys Of Life With A Banana Bread Muffin

Try These Awesome Muffins Today – You Won’t Regret It!
My niece had a lot of bake sale activities last year. One of those, I attended simply to support her. Andy made her a batch of these really moist Nutella banana muffins that were guaranteed a best seller. I wasn’t biased, okay maybe I was a little biased, but no one could compare to Andy’s muffins. There’s a proof actually! My niece’s muffins were the first ones to be gone! I did buy a couple of them, but there were so many okay? I even heard a few people and students talk about how delicious those muffins were. Well, I couldn’t blame you.
My niece received an award in class the next day. It wasn’t because hers sold the fastest, but because of the story, she told the class about it. Andy told me that her teacher was touched with the story she told the class. She said that the muffins were delicious not because they were made of the finest ingredients, but because her mom made it for her.

Her mom loved her so much that even though she was tired, she still found the time to make something for her. She loved her mom so much and she wished that one day she could bake things like those for her too. Okay, who wouldn’t be touched by that?


Banana muffin is a classic muffin recipe that never goes out of style. It’s delicious in itself too. It’s something that when you order at a bakery, you are everyone will just love it. However, this recipe adds Nutella to the equation. And it just makes this muffin twice as irresistible as ever! I sometimes bake up a second batch of these muffins just so I can freeze them and have some more for later. It’s a great idea!
Who is guilty of sneaking in the kitchen during the wee hours of the morning just to scoop a spoonful of Nutella from its jar? Everyone in the family and all of my friends!
Yes! We’re all Nutella freaks and we’re proud of it. Nutella is just something that everyone agrees on and this is one yummy Nutella recipe that didn’t fail to get all of our attentions.
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