Simple, Sweet, And Totally Taste Bud Approved: Glazed Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf

When I first worked at that real estate agency, the first one that I met was Arlene. Arlene was a senior marketing associate and her partner was the one I was about to replace. At first, I thought she was a bit cold to me. It was only later that I realized that she’s simply a quiet person who didn’t like to talk a lot. All of our colleagues told me that she was actually a nice woman. It’s just that she preferred to keep to herself. But I had been patient with her so she started greeting me back when I greeted her with “good mornings” and that was a feat for me.
I didn’t feel nice to work in a place where your colleagues didn’t talk to you so I was a bit happy. But the very first time I saw her really and truly smile was when one of our co-workers, Len, brought something for her during lunch. It was a slice of lemon poppy seed cake. I saw her eyes twinkle as if they were lights on a Christmas tree.
I even witnessed the way she closed her eyes to inhale the scent of the aromatic bread. Ever since, whenever I pass by the coffee shop, I bought her a slice. She became more comfortable with me after. However, she resigned a few months later so our friendship was short lived. This lemon poppyseed shortbread recipe reminds me of Arlene and her obsession with poppy seed bread or cake. I hope you will love this recipe!

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This recipe is perfect for an afternoon tea with friends. You can just relax while nibbling on these little beauties and drinking freshly brewed coffee or tea. You will surely have a good conversation, and this shortbread will add to the fineness of the afternoon. I once made this lemon poppy seed bread for my daughter and her little friends when they were younger. She had a princess party (a tea party) and wanted tea and dainty little desserts. This lemon poppy seed loaf definitely fit the bill! Those girls looked so cute sipping away on their tea ?
I feel the same which is why most of the time, when I don’t have time to bake anything, I drink coffee. Tea is just so refreshing that you would want something “unrefreshing” to go with it. Mostly, it’s sweets or anything fatty. But I usually go with the sweets.
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