Simple Yet Hearty Crock Pot Sausage And Spuds

Every summer, my family heads up a bit west to Sanibel Island, Florida.
There, we spend days basking in the sunlight and soaking in the ocean. Our skin becomes slightly darker and our hair a bit lighter. It is so much fun and the perfect opportunity to enjoy some outdoor weather in the sweaty Florida heat without completely melting away. The ocean is great at making sure that does not happen. After a long day at the beach, all we really want is a good meal and a nice big jug of water (that sun is pretty dehydrating!).

One of my favorite parts about being in that town is that my aunt and uncle live there. Their kids are grown and they live alone there so they have always looked forward to our yearly visits. After some time catching up, my uncle always heads outside and prepares us a nice bit BBQ meal.
It is so welcomed after a long day at the beach. After chit-chatting and catching up, my uncle brings us samples of his grilling. Usually it is a nice big sausage that he slices up for us all to share. My is it good. It got me thinking about what else we could do with sausage.

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The soup made with leftover sausages from my uncle is the perfect addition to any dinner. After grilling it, chop it up and dump it in a soup with potatoes and you have got a match made in heaven. Oh my goodness, that sound absolutely delicious! I can’t believe how versatile this recipe is.
I mean, who doesn’t want a good meal for the picky eaters in the family? That’s just a great way to get them to eat and not have to worry about them. I definitely am keeping this one for my kids!


2 lbs whole baby potatoes

2 tbs Bertoli olive oil

16 oz. fully-cooked chicken sausage, sliced in 1-inch chunks

1 small yellow onion, sliced

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