Sinfully Delightful Chewy Chocolate Brownies With Thick And Decadent Frosting

Be Honest With Me… How Many Would You Eat?

A couple of months ago our goddaughter spent a few nights in our place, and it was such a blessing for us.

She is a teenager – which may sound scary, but she’s just the sweetest, most talented and polite young lady you could think of. She’s also an excellent baker and loves to try all kinds of recipes, so I obviously asked her to bake something really delicious for us to have for dessert! She decided to make brownies – the chewy kind, we all love those, don’t we? She made this incredibly delicious-looking batter and decided to bake it in a cake pan, after all.

So it turned out kind of like a mud cake, but she made another batch the next day (the traditional brownie shape) and they were just as delish!

So basically you can use this recipe whether you’d like to make chewy brownies or a mud cake. Personally, I don’t care what shape it is when it tastes this good! I literally ate half of that first batch myself and begged her to make another one.

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My favorite way to eat these is straight from the oven, when they’re still so hot that you need to be careful not to burn yourself.

Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and it is just pure heaven! The texture is mouthwatering – kind of crispy on the surface but wonderfully muddy and chewy in the center. A little goes a long way but I just kept going for that “one more piece”…But I have to say that lovely, almost caramely chewiness was even better when the brownies had cooled for a couple of hours.

That is, if you have patience to wait that long! As my grandmother always used to say when we were having something delicious: “Be careful not to swallow your tongue while you’re gobbling it up!”

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