Slow Cooker Chicken A La King: Celebrating Life’s Simple Pleasures

We were going to visit some friends that we hadn’t seen in a while, and I was beyond excited. A little nervous too. It was our first road trip with our new twins. They were just three months old and we had a six-hour car drive ahead of us. Could we do it? I was confident that with teamwork, we would be just fine. It went pretty smoothly thankfully! We did have to stop more than usual, but that’s okay because it was a beautiful drive. We actually got to enjoy some of the scenery for once.

When we got there, I was pretty tired, and I figured everyone would want to go out for dinner. My friend, bless her heart, knew that I was going to not be feeling the whole take the kids out to dinner thing. She had already prepared us a wonderful meal at home.

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In her slow cooker was chicken a la king, just like this recipe from Spend with Pennies. I was so grateful. The food was excellent, the atmosphere was relaxing, and the company was unbeatable. I couldn’t stop thanking her and told her we would be willing to come back to visit anytime if that’s the kind of treatment we were going to get!

Recipe and photo courtesy of Spend with Pennies.