Slow Cooker Pineapple Barbecue Meatballs

TOP Reviews:

This is actually my go to meatball recipe. People love it too. I have been using it for years and can’t believe I forgot to review it…I use sweet baby rays bbq sauce. the meatballs always seem to disappear 🙂

We thought this was good. My kids ate it, and although my 3 yo son is super picky, he ate nearly the whole serving I put on his plate. I did leave out the brown sugar, and didn’t miss it. Between the BBQ sauce and the sweet preserves, it was plenty sweet for us. If I wasn’t serving it to my kids, I’d love to put in some cayenne or hot curry powder. We will make it again!

I thought this was going to be ridiculously sweet…however, the original spice Jack Daniels bbq sauce really provided a nice lingering heat. I served over basmati rice. The whole family enjoyed these meatballs. SO SIMPLE!

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Wow! I took other reviewers’ advice and cut back on the BBQ a little bit. I also didn’t have apricot preserves, so I used Strawberry. Oh my holy immortal God this was GREAT!! I needed something quick after our plans to eat out fell through. This was a hit! I hate pineapple and I still licked my plate clean, pineapple and all. I also halved the recipe and eyeballed the BBQ sauce and strawberry preserves. I tasted the sauce as I went because I didn’t want it to be too overpowering. Thanks for the great keeper!


1 (16 oz.) frozen meatballs
1 (18 oz.) bottle preferred BBQ sauce
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