Snow Pea Beef Stir Fry

Chinese takeout is something that I have separate memories for each member of my immediate family.

For my older siblings, it’s Panda Express when I was like 6 or 7, and we were at the mall. I was really overwhelmed by the food court. There were a lot of smells, ice skating to watch below, the terrifying Old Man Winter pillars staring RIGHT AT ME, people everywhere, and the sounds! I was in total sensory overload. My sister asked me what I wanted to eat, and I just wanted French fries because I was 6 or 7, and no one told me my options, haha. She got orange chicken from Panda, and I was immediately envious and wanting some of hers. She told me, “No! You wanted fries. That’s what you get.” Looking back, I guess that’s fair enough, but at the time I was super upset because I just wanted a bite because it looked really yummy.

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For my mom, it’s China Bay in the caboose, which went out of business like almost 20 years ago. That was a sad day. The other one was Yummy Garden which also went out of business about 15 years ago. Again, sad day, haha. At China Bay, it was sweet and sour shrimp. At Yummy Garden, it was sesame chicken, and it was definitely the best I’ve ever had!

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