So Delicious Stove Top Rice Pudding

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This was delicious! No more Kozy Shack for my hubby’s lunch…here’s my few modifications…1 and 3/4 cup cold cooked Jasmine rice and I kept everything else the same. One thing I did that may help you..I mixed together the remaining 1/2 cup milk, the sugar and the egg together in a pourable mixing bowl. When the timing was right, I stirred the pudding with my right hand while slowly pouring the egg/milk/sugar mixture into the pudding with my left hand. I had no trouble with cooked egg pieces. Also, it only took about 10 minutes for the rice to get thick – don’t cook it too long or it won’t be creamy. I grated fresh nutmeg and cinnamon on top. Very good!

OMG this was so good. I used half and half and put in cranberries because I didn’t have raisins. So yummy. Will definitely add this to my day to day recipe box.

I have a more creamy less rice pudding. Cooked it slower and stirred constantly adding milk until it reached a thick, creamy consistency. Rice being a grain gets its best flavor from salt. I add a little at a time throughout the cooking until it is no longer bland as one cook mentioned. Sweet and salt is the best. No matter how much milk you add it can be cooked down to give you a very creamy product. Make sure you temper the egg by adding a bit of the hot mixture in the beaten egg until it comes closer to the hot pudding and whisk in a little at a time. Done this way, you will not end up with soup, but will spend more time cooking. Be patient.

This recipe was pretty good but it was missing a key ingredient for sure: cinnamon! I also didn’t use the butter and added a little more sugar. This is a wonderful breakfast especially around the holidays!

I just made this, & the way I made it it came out great. Many of the reviewers commented that theirs came out on the runny side, so bearing that in mind I just used 1 C milk, & I had 2 2/3 cups of rice to start out w/. I didn’t alter the other ingredients, just the milk & in ratio to the amount of rice I had to use. I was very pleased with the subsequent results, it tastes just like my regular rice pudding recipe, which is concocted over a double boiler. Will definitely make this again when I have leftover rice, which is actually pretty often. Thanks for sharing!

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Super easy, and quite good. I added cinnamon, omitted rasins and rather than vanilla extract, I split and scraped a half vanilla bean into the mixture. I cooked it. I did not use milk and sugar, rather, I used sweetened condensed. Substituted half and half for the milk to be beaten with the egg. Oh, and i guess i forgot to put salt! I guess I didn’t really follow this recipe! I just used it as more of a guideline! How can one go wrong with all these carbs and sugar? It tastes great.

This is tasty for a quick rice pudding. I couldn’t get mine to thicken up very well so I sprinkled in some instant vanilla pudding. Without it the pudding was very soupy. Good flavor. Sprinkled with cinnamon and topped with whipped cream. Yum.

Very good – It reminds me of my mom’s rice pudding – she could never give me her exact recipe. It does seem to be missing something – could be creamier? Yet – I’ve made this several times and am happy with how it turns out. Be careful when adding egg to the hot rice mixture -you need to temper the egg by adding a little bit of the hot liquid to the egg (and milk and sugar) and stir – and add more hot rice mixture and stir then add egg mixture to the rest of the rice and mix. This gently heats up the egg so you don’t end up with scrambled egg in your rice pudding.

This is, in my opinion, a perfect rice pudding. I made it with 2% milk and basmati rice(the only rice I had in the house) and it turned out creamy and delicious. One tip: I would mix the beaten egg, sugar, and last 1/2 C. of milk together before gradually adding to the rice mixture off burner. I used cranberries instead of raisins because I prefer them.


1/2 c rice uncooked
1 c salted water
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