I love trends! As a kid, I would latch onto (almost) any trend that came along (here’s looking at you jean peg roll.) Much to my mother’s dismay, I had to have everything I saw on television that was the latest and greatest thing! Slap bracelets, Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers, Lip Smackers Yup if it was a trend I had it.

And every time my mom would say the same thing “So what’s up with (insert the latest trend here?) Then once I explained in great detail my undying love and devotion to the cause she would laugh and tell me that it would soon fade into the “what was I thinking” category.

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Now that I am older I have realized that trends are not limited to childhood nor are they limited to trinkets but even as an adult we are obsessed with trends which bring me to the subject at hand…egg clouds.

If you are unaware of this trend or have yet to download Pinterest then keep reading as I delve into what has turned into springs hottest trend in cooking…

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