Southern Fried Chicken with Milk Gravy

I did something this weekend I seldom do anymore. I fried chicken. And it was glorious.

I waited a little too long to get going with this one yesterday so my entire family was positively starving [have mercy! ] on the verge of falling out and fainting [oh lawww! ] writhing around on the floor delirious with hunger [hep us all! ] by the time I got everything on the table. I will admit it was a little torturous to have the whole house smelling like a Colonel Sanders convention at lunchtime to have to wait to take photos.

I doubt too many people would complain about this particular problem when this is what you get to eat for lunch at home while still in your pjs. Am I right or amI right?

It can be quite an undertaking to fry up a good batch of chicken so I don’t do it much. I got a hankering for it this weekend and decided to make “country fried” chicken instead of the traditional bone-in chicken because it’s so much quicker!

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When I just use boneless, skinless chicken breasts I call it country fried chicken because, to me, it’s just like country fried steak (just a portion of meat that’s been pounded out or tenderized that’s fried and served with gravy). It cooks up in half the time and tastes every bit as good!

Whether I’m cooking traditional Southern style fried chicken with bone-in, skin-on pieces or thin cutlets for country fried chicken, I use the same recipe and method.

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