Southern Skillet Cornbread – Just Like My Granddaddy Used To Make

One of my most favorite childhood memory was sneaking cornbread from the kitchen and eating it with my cousins while our parents were having their adult talk in the family room.

We never stole the cornbread; we were taught better than that. The cornbread was even for us to eat. It’s just that it was supposed to be for dinner; a side dish to roast chicken or beef brisket. But after smelling that aroma all throughout the whole house, who could resist? Cornbread was a staple in all of our homes. It was everyone’s favorite. Any chance we could get just to eat it; we would grab it.

One of us would be the lookout. Usually, it was my brother because he wasn’t any good at rock, paper, scissors. Then the rest of us would sneak into the kitchen. One would grab a few pieces of the sliced cornbread, placing it in whatever container we could reach.

Another would grab the jam or jelly and butter from the fridge. Then we would climb to our favorite treehouse in the backyard and eat it there. We would always get caught, of course. But not until we were able to devour the really moist cornbread. Ah. The taste of childhood is truly hard to forget.

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Mom makes the best cornbread, but since she and Dad live a bit too far now, I am forced to make them on my own. I am glad that recipes such as this one are being shared to people like me. I can now enjoy that homemade taste even if I’m away from “home”. I love cornbread with everything! I eat it with my soup, I eat it with my roasted chicken with gravy, I eat it with the beef brisket, and I even eat it with any casserole.

But I love them most with butter and honey. Or cream cheese and honey. Add a cup of coffee or tea in the meal and I’m good to go.
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