Sponges Aren’t Just for Cleaning Dishes. Here are a Few Brilliant Ways to Use Them That You’ve Never Thought to Try.

Did you know that you can do a lot more with sponges besides cleaning? You’ve got your basic models, your magic eraser models, and different-sized versions, too. With a little creativity, sponges are another common household item that can be repurposed.

Household Hacker shows us multiple ways to save them, clean with them, play with them, and more! First, listen up for some info on how to buy sponges for a bargain – especially those high end, fancy-pants eraser variety. When you see some of these hacks, you’ll be ready to buy some sponges in bulk! We’re only listing a few ideas here, so be sure to watch the clip below.

Resourceful Ways to Use Sponges

1- Water Fun

Looking to save your backyard environment from balloon waste? Family fun can be had with water bombs made with sponges instead of balloons. As stated in the vid, cut some cheap sponges into strips, band them together with a rubber band or hair tie, and dunk them.

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These sponge bombs hold water quite nicely for outdoor games and you could probably get someone really good with one tossed down the shirt. The best part? They are reusable! Leave them outside to dry.

2- Degrease Them Right

You’ve had this happen: the scouring pad on the sponge gets grimy. Instead of throwing the whole thing away and reaching for a new one, use this salt washing hack to get rid of the grease. In a container of 2 cups of warm water, dissolve ¼ cup of salt. Soak the sponge in it overnight until the crud disappears.

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