Stop Buying Spinach Dip In Stores And Make Your Own With This Glorious Recipe

My entire family loves this from scratch spinach dip recipe and yours will, too.
This recipe for homemade spinach dip has recently become a staple appetizer in my household. For one, it’s healthy for you and for two, it’s really easy to make. There is a trick to this spinach dip that you probably wouldn’t even recognize if you didn’t know any better. Want to know what it is? There isn’t any mayo in this recipe. No, siree! It is Greek yogurt that gives this spinach dip its creamy texture.
I don’t personally have any issues with mayo but the Greek yogurt gives this spinach dip a nice flavor.
Wouldn’t it be grand to get the details on how to make this lovely recipe? Welp, hop on over to the next page for a list of ingredients and instructions. Yum!

Lately, I’ve been watching the number of carbs that I consume. I try to keep it to under 20 per day. This spinach dip[ is the perfect snack for someone like me as it’s very low in the carb-o-matic department.
Check out what my pal Audrey from the Melady Cooks food blog had to say about this recipe:
The next day I tasted the spinach dip and was happy with my results. It was as close to the original dip recipe as I’ve ever tasted. It also had all fresh ingredients that I knew weren’t going to cause anyone problems. Had I not been making it for a family gathering, I’d have curled up with some cucumber slices and eaten my way through the bowl, it was that good. But I made it to decorate little cauliflower crust Christmas trees, which will be another post. They were a hit and may be a new buffet tradition. So many veggies, so few carbs. It was a success on several levels!
I would dare to say that this spinach dip is healthy ?
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