Stop Wasting the Healthiest Part of a Pineapple

There are a variety of ways you can prepare pineapple skins for your health. Here are a few suggestions:

1- Make Tea

You can brew a tea and serve it hot or cold to reap pineapple skin’s benefits. To make a tea, scrub the outer skins thoroughly and place in a medium saucepan. Add 2 cinnamon sticks, cloves, and 1 peeled knob of ginger. Cover with about 4 quarts of water. Simmer on low heat for 20-25 minutes, turn off heat, and allow to steep for another 25 minutes. Serve hot or refrigerate; sweeten to taste.

2- Make Juice

Follow the instructions for making tea but add only peels and water – no spices or sweetener. Allow the mixture to cool down and then place some in the blender; blend it up! Pour liquid through a strainer and refrigerate.

3- Make Vinegar

Pineapple vinegar can be used as food or as a topical remedy for arthritis, bruises, or joint pain. Follow this recipe from Fermented Food Lab for a simple DIY version. Be sure to wash the skins first to scrub off any pesticide residue!


4- Make Stock

Take it easy and add clean pineapple skins to your veggie, chicken, seafood, or beef stocks. It’ll pack a flavorful and nutritious punch to your dish. Just toss in 1-2 cups of skins and strain them out when done.

Much like the scrumptious fruit, pineapple peel contains properties that improve inner and outer health. If you don’t use the skins right away, you can store them in the freezer in an airtight bag.

During manufacturing, the core and peel is saved to make other products like alcohol and vinegar. Now you can do the same at home with the skin and create your own pantry of power-packed pineapple potions.

Did you know pineapple skins were so versatile? Had you already been using them to make drinks or skin care remedies? Tell us in the comments!

University of Maryland