Strawberry Shortcake Squares

For those of you who are having a problem with the baking powder taste it is probably because you are using baking powders that contain aluminum. Baking powders that don’t contain aluminum sulfate in the ingredient list usually don’t have that after taste. Rumford is the only major brand that I know of that doesn’t contain aluminum.

Strawberry shortcake is one dessert that we hate to share. It’s just too good! Instead of constantly saying no, we came up with a solution: strawberry shortcake in bar form! Then everybody gets their fill of this sweet dessert.

This was AMAZING!! I did deviate somewhat from the recipe though. I took the advice of some other reviews and used 1/4 c. sugar in the batter, used 1/2 c butter instead of the shortening, added vanilla to the batter, and used 2 1/2 tsp instead of 4 tsp of baking powder. Instead of a whole cake, I made individual sized cakes (like big biscuits) and baked them on a greased/floured baking sheet for 12-13 minutes. I even sprinkled each of the mini cakes with a cinnamon & sugar mixture! We then prepared them as the recipes says! Such a hit and so easy to make!

Every layer of these Strawberry Shortcake Squares will keep you coming back for more. There’s creamy cheesecake, a crunchy graham crust, tender pound cake, a sweet strawberry glaze, and of course fresh berries! But the best part might be is that you get a square all to yourself. No more sharing!

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Out of this world! I made this for my wife’s birthday and it was a huge hit. I cut the baking power to 2 tsp like other folks, and upped the shortening to 1/2 cup, as I wasn’t getting the “course crumbs”. A local farm makes and sells terrific shortcake bicuits when their strawberries come out in June. This cake is exactly like those biscuits and I can have them anytime! I had no problem with crumbling, maybe because of the increased shortening. As for folks substituting butter and adding vanilla, try it according to the recipe first. The problem I’ve found with many “shortcakes” is that they try to be center of taste and just end up overpowering the finsihed product. Also, I have no 8″ pie pans, but I do have an 8″ spring-form pan. Worked out great. This is a keeper! Enjoy!


1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1/4 cup sugar
6 tablespoons butter, melted
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