Sweeten Up Supper With Brown Sugar Meatloaf

I am a big fan of meatloaf.
I think the meat turns out savory and delicious and I love eating the food with mashed potatoes. I guess you could say that meatloaf is one of my favorite go-to meals. Why? Because it is very easy to prepare. This brown sugar meatloaf is so amazingly good because of the addition of brown sugar, of course! It combines sweet with savory flavors and really gives your test buds a treat.

My family really loves this meatloaf recipe. And guess what? My picky eaters enjoy it, too! Now, that’s almost unheard of because my middle son almost never eats meatloaf due to the onions. I refuse to leave the onions out of meatloaf.

It’s just not happening. You can’t have a good meatloaf without onions. Period. my daughter usually complains about the texture of the meatloaf but for this recipe, she did not. Win for team mom!

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Meatloaf is a great meal to have on any night of the week and it pairs well with a variety of sides. Your family is going to really like this recipe…even those picky eaters! In fact, my picky eater middle son really liked this meatloaf. Normally, he doesn’t quite care for it because of having texture issues but this brown sugar loaf won over his heart. I was pleased ?
I really liked the sweet taste of the sauce on this meatloaf. It was different but in a good way.

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