Taco Ring – Easy and amazing

This Taco Ring is made from refrigerated crescent roll dough arranged in a circle and stuffed with taco meat and cheese. It’s a great way to turn tacos into easy to eat game day fare.

I love using crescent roll dough for quick and easy appetizers and meals. Nothing beats that butter flavor and flaky texture.

First you brown a pound of ground beef with a little onion and add a packet of taco seasoning.

Next I add a little cream cheese to the mixture for added flavor and some creaminess, plus it helps bind the mixture together.

Arrange the crescent rolls in a circle with the pointy ends sticking out. You want the open circle in the middle to be about 5-6 inches across. Spread the taco meat out over the wide part and top with shredded cheese.

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Fold the points of the crescent rolls up and over toward the center and you’re ready to bake it for 20 to 25  minutes.

Serve with whatever taco fixings you like. Whether served for game day or dinner, this Taco Ring will be yummed up in no time!

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