Taco Tuesday Will Never Be The Same With This Casserole!

My mom used to love making casseroles. I remember because it seems that we had them a lot. It was never a bad thing, in fact, she had a way of making each one taste very different, but I never understood why the casserole was such a staple in our home.

Then I got older and had kids…now I get it!

The casserole is a dinnertime staple and one of my favorites because of its ease of assembly and distribution. After a long day at the office or spending the day chasing around children the last thing you want to do is spend two hours cooking a meal and then another hour cleaning it all up…enter the genius who invented the casserole

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The trick is getting them to all taste amazing and keep them all simple and with this recipe, I feel like I hit the jackpot as it combines two of my favorites Tacos & Casseroles!

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