Tater Tot Grilled Cheese & Bacon Waffle Sandwich

Why is this the most amazing grilled bacon and cheddar sandwich ever? Because instead of bread, we used waffles. But not just normal waffles — these are made out of tater tots.

Everyone knows how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. But not everyone knows how to make an insane grilled cheese sandwich. Usually when we try to up our grilled cheese game, we just stuff it full of more delicious things — bacon, avocado, veggies, gourmet cheeses — and leave the bread as-is.

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That’s fine – yawn – but this time, we gave our grilled cheese a makeover from the outside in: we used a waffle iron to fuse a whole bunch of tater tots into a delicious crispy potato “bread”. (Which yes, technically makes this a gluten-free grilled cheese sandwich.)

Eat this grilled cheese sandwich and totchos hybrid for brunch, lunch, or midnight munchies.

I couldn’t have been happier so keep reading to find out what you will need and the full set of instructions, on the next page...