The 6 Cancer Causers In Your Home You Need To Get Rid Of!

Formaldehyde, nitrobenzene and methylene chloride are carcinogens which may be found in rubber, plastic, dyes, perfumes, shampoos etc. All of us have these products at home and this means that we are surrounded by substances which may cause more harm than good to us.

Here is a list of all items that we have at home and which may provoke health issues. After reading this, make a decision if you still want to keep these items in your house near you and your family.

1. Air fresheners

A study of the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) where 13 most common air fresheners were tested showed that they contain chemicals which may cause asthma or impair the reproductive development. Another study conducted in 2008 by Anne Steinemann of the University of Washington where the most common air fresheners were tested showed that they contained ingredients which according to the federal laws are toxic and carcinogens with no safe exposure level. Despite all of this, none of the chemicals weren’t listed on the labels or in the Material Safety Data Sheets. So next time when you want to refresh your house try natural fragrances or essential oil.