The Best Homemade Coffee Cake On The Globe!

We had a long week ahead of us at our church hall. All the volunteers were going to be in a for a few hours each day to stuff plastic Easter eggs full of snacks, toys, and other treats. We had over 5,000 eggs to fill and only about 10 people willing to help, so it was going to be quite the job. I was more than happy to assist, because it was for the kids. The look on their faces when they walk into the hall and see all those eggs everywhere is worth all the hard work.

I wanted to make something special for those people that did take some time out to help out, so I took a recipe that I had seen on Just A Pinch and grabbed up all the ingredients at the shopping center when I went in for more candy. It was this cinnamon brown sugar coffee cake that looked simply mouthwatering.

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I tossed it together really quick one of the days and took it in, still warm. Everyone was so grateful that they had a little something to snack on that afternoon. I think it gave us the steam we needed to power through the rest of those eggs!

Recipe and photo courtesy of Just A Pinch.