The Best Scalloped Potatoes Ever

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I can’t believe it! This is my Dad’s scalloped potatoes recipe. He died when I was 11, (I’m 58 now) but one of my fondest memories as a little girl was sitting at our kitchen table together and him teaching me how to make this recipe. No measurements were used, just peeling and slicing the potatoes and onions and layering in the casserole dish with sprinkled-on flour, small pats of butter, salt and pepper (on each layer), then pouring milk on top just until it peeked through the potatoes at the top. Sometimes he put pork chops on top before baking. Best scalloped potato recipe ever! (Miss you Dad).

Thank you so much for a plain, traditional recipe! I have tried over and over to get the proportions right to make these just like my father-in-law but never got it quite right. And other recipes I have found online use canned soups or white sauces…..not what I remember frog ears gone by. This one is simple and straightforward and turned out great. Heating the milk does make a big difference

The key words in the recipe above is “as needed”–and a bit less always worked for my grandmother, my mother, myself and probably my kids who are also great cooks. A roux works for me too, with a portion of it on each layer, and a bit of extra milk over all. The milk provides the browned skin over all the potato slices. Today, we rarely peel potatoes, and they are most often “organic” so sliced,well-scrubbed, unpeeled but “edited” from zits and eyes, works. To get to au gratin, just cover the dish for the last 20-25 mins. of cooking with your favourite grated cheese mixture. Hey, works for us!

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I make scalloped potatoes almost like this every time….however I chop the onions and add some Parmesan – layer like this….potatoes, onions, S&P, sm. chunks of butter, 1.5 Tbsp. flour, 1 Tbsp. Parmesan, then again – finish with Parmesan which will brown up nicely – & milk just to the edge of the top layer. I don’t bother heating it up either. Pop in the oven (on a baking sheet to catch drips)and bake at 350F for probably 1.5 to 2 hrs.(poke a fork in to test doneness). Let sit a bit to let liquid absorb into potatoes! Im’ 72 & my mom, grandmother always made them this way. You can also add bacon bits for a nice light flavor and to change it up a tad. My hubby hates Parmesan……& so far has never realized it’s in there!!


4 cups thinly sliced potatoes
3 tablespoons butter
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