The Cheesiest and Easiest Slow Cooker Enchiladas!

Mexican food is one of the best cuisine that you can bring in to your dining table. It is so nice to create a new twist out of a traditional Mexican recipe. At times I get a headache thinking about what to cook especially on a busy school day. This is one easy meal to prepare and it is a very tasty slow cooker recipe. All you need to worry about is preparing it. You just need to get all the ingredients ready and set it all up, after that you can just leave it for seven hours and do all your chores. I like cooking this especially when I have a busy day ahead. I can run all my errands and get my kids ready for school. As soon as they are hungry I could just serve it warm for them.

My kids just love it and I don’t have to stress over my kids not eating. Actually, every time I serve them this meal they are well behaved and they just eat it until the whole plate is empty and clean. I love eating it as well, I feel so happy whenever I cook this meal.

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Check out what my friends over at TasteOfHome have to say about this recipe:
“I made this recipe tonight and declare it a winner. I used a slow cooker liner bag as I thought it might be hard to remove when done and the bag made it so easy. I followed the recipe exactly and we loved it. Very tasty and easy to prepare.” – MarineMom_texas

I agree with Marine Mom Texas, I definitely felt like a winner when I cooked this recipe. You just need to follow the recipe and you will surely love it. Aside from preparing it easily, it also tastes very delicious. Needless to say, I got a lot of compliments for this! I was really happy that everyone loved the dish.
This is one of the favorite dishes that I like to cook. If you are a busy mom and you are too busy to cook then this would be a great option for you because it is very convenient for you to prepare.

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