Pour Yourself a Nice Big Cup, Because It Could Be Your Last!

For many of us, a trip to our corner coffee shop is a bit of a treat, something we do to pamper ourselves or just give us a much-needed caffeine rush before we start out day. For others, however it’s a necessity, and they can’t imagine facing the day without that first cup o’ joe. However, getting a fancy coffee made for you by a skilled barista is sometimes a luxury, which is why we all like knowing we can fall back on instant coffee such as Folger’s or Maxwell House. It may not taste as good, but hey, it’s coffee!

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The thing is, even these cheaper coffees are getting way more expensive. That’s because there’s a drought Espirito Santo, where most of Brazil’s robusta coffee beans are grown, and now the crops are the smallest they’ve been in 10 years. This has caused prices to skyrocket, and is boosting demand for arabica beans, making them harder to come by and also more expensive.

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