The Devil Went Down To Georgia… And He Brought Back This Lovely Beef Spread

Some recipes never die… this is one of them.

I love flipping through my grandma’s vintage Betty Crocker cookbooks. The recipes and photos are so different from what we see today. Some of the stuff I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole, but other recipes, like deviled beef spread, really make my mouth water. I can remember my grandma making deviled beef spread once a week and enjoying it for lunch or as a snack. I always thought it tastes wonderful. Grandma is no longer with us anymore. I’m sure she is enjoying this heavenly deviled beef spread with the angels ? I’m really glad that I found a recipe, much like hers, on the Melady Cooks blog.
Audrey, from Melady Cooks, is a real gem in the kitchen. We are ecstatic that she shared this delicious deviled beef spread recipe with all of us. Thank you, Audrey!

You are probably just dying for the recipe, right? Never fear! You’ll find all of the yummy details on the next page. Woohoo!

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Check out what my pal Audrey from the Melady Cooks blog had to say about this wonderful recipe:
The spread was great! It was so very much like the funeral spread I consumed in the 60s and 70s it was eerie. I guess minced beef was an accurate description of bologna. Once I minced some very real beef with the same ingredients, it was a flavor clone. Eating it on Ritz crackers was a bonus. I can now cross making deviled beef off my kitchen bucket list. It wasn’t as devilishly difficult as I’d thought. I simply one upped the church ladies and added capers to their soothing spread.

I do believe that my favorite way to enjoy this deviled beef spread would be on Ritz crackers. However, my grandma preferred to make sandwiches out of it.
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