The Difference Between Vanilla and French Vanilla Ice Cream: The Answer is Shocking!

Now We’re Questioning Everything We Thought We Knew About Ice Cream!

We like ice cream and everything, but sometimes deciding which flavor to have is a bit overwhelming. Of course, there’s the good old reliable vanilla and chocolate, but there’s also Rocky Road, cookies, and cream…and so much more! Even if you choose vanilla, then you have to decide between regular vanilla and French vanilla. How did it all get to be so confusing?

We’d never really thought too much about the difference between vanilla and French vanilla, though some people assume French vanilla is better quality, which is understandable because it just sounds so fancy! Plus, many of us think of French cuisine as the epitome of fine dining, so it’s perfectly natural to assume that anything with French in the name tastes better and is probably made with all the care and skill that other signature French dishes are. Which is why we were shocked to learn that the difference between the two flavors was nothing like we thought. We were shocked, and we think you will be, too, when you learn the real difference between them.

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