The Light, Sweet Dessert That Looks Like A Warm Summer Day

I saved this fresh Peach Trifle recipe a few months ago when it was still chilly outside, and I was just waiting for warmer weather to test it out.  A recipe this fresh and light and fun definitely deserves to be eaten in the sunshine.  Or at least looking at the sunshine from an air conditioned room with a big picture window.  That part is up to you.

But wherever you decide to eat this gorgeous dessert, I’m almost sure it’s going to brighten your day.  I love the look of this one, with all the bright orange and red of the peach slices and puree over the bright while of big, soft pieces of angel food cake.  This dessert just looks like a sunny day and even better, it tastes amazing!

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Recipe is courtesy of Noodlefork on


Quick Tip: I added a few fresh blueberries and sliced strawberries I had leftover from another recipe I’d made the day before and I sprinkled those over the top of this.  Even better!  I think just about any fresh, sweet berry would be a great addition.